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Welcome to the Style Shake!

I'm Rebecca Railton, the 'brains' behind the blog.

So first off, I hate to break it to you, but technically you've just stumbled across yet another 'lifestyle blog'.

Yeah I know, you already read like seven of those every day, but anything that mixes stuff up a bit always falls into the lifestyle category doesn't it? It's sort of like the blog bargain bucket.

But then the thing with a bargain bucket is there's almost always something AMAZING hidden away at the bottom if you just keep on digging...

About the Style Shake

I like to think of the Style Shake as a mashup of affordable fashion and beauty buys, travel posts and enough general life musings to keep you going until apes take over the planet. Plus I like to write a lot of lists, and sometimes I can even be a bit funny, so there's that as a little bonus.

If you really like to 'get to know' the person whose words pop up on your screen every day, then I'm your new go-to gal. I have a tendency to overshare and tell a lot of embarrassing stories about myself - think of your best mate after one too many glasses of wine, and you get the picture. Because life's just to short too worry about being perfect all the time. I'd rather be real, and have a good laugh along the way.

About Me

I'm Rebecca Railton, and I'm a twenty-something from the UK. I was born in London but grew up in the North East, and because of that I don't really have an accent. Some people would say that's probably a good thing but if I'm honest I'm a little bit sad that I don't sound like Cheryl Cole. Or look like her, actually, but that's a whole other story.

In my 'real life' I'm a professional musician who gets to travel around the world quite a lot, so that's pretty cool. It's a great job, even if it isn't always as glam as you might think! When I was little, way back before I realised I wanted to make my living as a performing monkey, I wanted to be either The Little Mermaid, a vet or Michaela Strachan (from The Really Wild Show? No? Well this is awkward...), so apparently I've always liked to keep my options open.

I love: matte lipsticks, red wine, dancing like a fool, cheese, all the stationery and laughing so hard that people around me think I'm mad.

I hate: pretentious people, being patronised, Marmite, tassels, Jeremy Kyle, not having a plan and my iPhone running out of battery.

Check out this post to learn more fascinating facts about me...

Want to know more?

The best way to ask me a quick question is probably to shout at me on social media until I answer. I'm almost always on Twitter, so let's be friends?

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